Did you know?

Energy drinks are full of caffeine, sugar and calories. Consuming a lot of energy drinks can lead to heart palpitations, anxiety and insomnia – which can make you feel jittery, irritable and put on weight.

Top tips

  1. Make healthy choices
  2. Ask for advice

One can of Rockstar energy drink (480ml) contains;

  • 280 calories (more than 10 per cent of your recommended daily allowance and the same as a McDonalds Cheeseburger or two slices of Pizza Hut Chicken Supreme)
  • 62g of sugar (the recommended daily allowance for a woman is 50g)
  • 160mg of caffeine (a regular black coffee contains 95mg)
Equivalent Equivalent Equivalent
rockstar pizza cheeseburger

If you’d like to learn more about healthy food and drink choices then contact the team.