Nutritional facts and top tips to help promote healthy eating

Find nutrition facts, including calories, nutritional information and some top tips that help promote healthy eating by telling you about the foods you eat.

Top tips

  1. Check sugar content
  2. Check saturated fats
  3. Ask for advice

Recommended Daily Allowances

Men Women
Calories 2500 2000
Saturated fat 30g 20g
Salt 6g 6g
Sugar 70g 50g

Top tips

  • If something is low in fat, check the sugar content, as this may be higher to compensate
  • Avoid adding salt unnecessarily to food
  • Choose leaner cuts of meat and trim any visible fat from meat to cut down the fat content
  • Sugar swap! Try swapping sugary drinks for low sugar drinks, milk, water etc.
  • If you have 5 cups of tea/coffee a day with 1 teaspoon of sugar and stop doing this for one year, you can lose 7lbs!
  • Think before you eat! Is something with high saturated fat going to fill you up or will you need to eat more, therefore, increasing your fat/sugar/salt ┬áintake
  • Plan your meals prior to food shopping to ensure you only buy the items you need to save snacking on unhealthy things. This will also prevent you from grabbing convenience food, which do tend to be higher in sugar and salt
  • Pack your stews, curries, bolognaises with vegetables, as these will not only help you feel fuller but will also help you achieve your five a day