Exciting new Cash Wise partnerships for 2020

More Money in My Pocket

Cash Wise has entered an exciting new partnership with Wakefield Council as part of the More Money in My Pocket initiative. Cash Wise can provide support for any Wakefield residents living in a WDH property, a privately rented property, other social housing properties, homeowners, lodgers and anyone homeless or living in temporary accommodation.

The team can help you to resolve a wide range of money related issues including: welfare benefit applications and appeals, support accessing grants, budgeting advice, support to set up priority payments, switching utility providers and reducing energy bills, support reducing debts and digital assistance. We can also refer you to any other services to meet your needs. Don’t struggle alone with your money worries, to find out more contact the team.

Healthier Wealthier Wakefield Families

Cash Wise are working with Wakefield Council to provide support for parents or families in the Wakefield District who are struggling to manage their finances. Cash Wise can help you to manage your household budget, apply for benefits and access grants to help you in the home.

The team can help you to switch utility providers to save money on your energy bills as well as work out which payments to make first to help you save money and pay off your debts.

It is really easy to get help from Cash Wise. The team can see you at home and over the phone. You can also come to one of our daily drop in sessions around the District.

You can contact Cash Wise by clicking below or by phoning 01977 724651. A member of the team will be happy to help.