We have many ways in which you can save energy

Water Meter- Call Yorkshire water for a free water meter & you could save over £100 a year.  0345 1 24 24 24.

Loft Insulation can save you up to £175 a year. Free for WDH tenants. Call 01977 724431 or Email

Cavity Walls – Insulation can save up to £140 a year and is free for WDH tenants. Call 01977 724431 or Email

Top tips

  1. Get Thick Curtains
  2. Turn it off
  3. Ask for advice

Light bulbs – Using energy saving light bulbs throughout your home can save you £55 a year.

Showers use 45 litres less water than a bath and can save up to £115 a year.

Turn it off – Turning off the tap while you brush your teeth saves 7 litres every time and can save you £14 a year. Get a free water saving pack from Yorkshire Water. Call 0345 1 24 24 24. Or Email yorkshirewater.com

Thick Curtains help to keep the heat in.


Download our factsheet her

Drip drip – A dripping tap can waste 5,500 litres a year and cost you £11 a year.

Turn it off – Turning appliances off instead of leaving them on standby could save you £50 a year

Mobiles – Most phones and laptops only need two or three hours to charge. Charging overnight wastes £50 a year.

Draughts – Draught excluders around your windows and doors could save you £90 a year.

Fridges – Defrost fridges and freezers regularly to maintain their efficiency.

Kettle – Only boiling the water you need can save you £14 a year.

Radiators – Bleed your radiators and use thermostatic valves to ensure they run efficiently.

Floors – Thick carpets and underlay help stop heating escaping through floors.

Water butt – Installing a water butt can save water and money and help your garden stay looking healthy.

Save Energy, Save Money…
…don’t waste it.


Regularly switching energy supplier ensures you always get the best deal and could save you up to £150 through cheaper bills. Our WDH Switch & Save site is an easy way to save money on your energy bills. Contact the Cash Wise team if you need help with this.