It pays to be prepared

We have some great tools that can ease your journey back into work.

Top tips

  1. Expand you’re job search
  2. Be flexible with your options
  3. Ask for advice

Things to think about

  • Consider volunteer work if you haven’t worked in a long time, it will give you more confidence, work experience in a field you may have none in, and a recent work referee, as well as having something current to put on your CV.


  • Don’t just use one or two websites to search for work, there are loads out there to try. And also check big organizations websites as sometimes they will only advertise their vacancies on their websites.


  • Whilst claiming job seeking benefits you are entitled to a whole host of free education and training courses. As long as you don’t study for more than 16 hours a week. Don’t be scared of re-training and updating old qualifications especially IT ones as nearly every job will involve using computers at some stage and software changes quickly.
  • Note that the work coaches at the job centre don’t always advertise what you are entitled to; free training courses , permitted work (the option of working and still claiming your benefit for up to a year if on ESA),interview clothes and travel costs. Be sure you know about what help they can give you.


  • Be flexible when thinking about what job roles you want, it may be that you are capable of doing other types of job roles that you have previously done or thought about.