Some easy steps to help you start your journey

Find instructions on setup and tips on how to use it.

Top tips

  1. Make your CV stand out
  2. Ask for advice

Setting up a Universal Jobmatch account

Remember you will need your e-mail address first

  • Type in: jobs
  • Click on: Find a Job with Universal Jobmatch – GOV.UK
  • Click on: Register with Universal Jobmatch
  • Type in: Name, E-mail Address and Password (use something memorable, e.g. e-mail password)
  • Print / write down the 12 digit User ID – person needs to keep this with them
  • Log in to e-mail and click on the Verification link
  • Complete the Equality Monitoring section
  • Set up Profile with personal details – Skills section should be the job titles you are looking to apply for.
  • Click on CV tab (along top of page) and Upload or Copy and Paste CV
  • Type or Copy and Paste a Cover Letter highlighting your relevant skills and experience.

Accessing Universal Jobmatch account

  • Type in: jobs
  • Click on: Find a Job with Universal Jobmatch – GOV.UK
  • Click on: Log in to Universal Jobmatch
  • Type in: User ID (12 digit number) and Password (letters and numbers)
  • Type in: The Job Title of the job you want in the middle box
  • Your postcode in the third box (leave the first box empty)
  • Reduce the search to 10 miles and Last 7 days using the Refine Results box on the left.


  • If you are looking for any local job, put your postcode in the third box then refine to 2 miles or 5 miles and Last 7 days.
  • Any jobs with an Apply button can be applied for through Universal Jobmatch or through online application forms – you will be redirected to employer’s websites.
  • If there isn’t an Apply button, you will need to contact the employer by e-mail, phone or visiting/sending information to the employer’s address (details will be provided on the left side of the screen).
  • You need to record all external applications and job search activity using the Activity History box.


  • When uploading CV, name it to stand out to an employer, rather than using own name, e.g. ‘Experienced Retail Assistant, NVQ2 Customer Service’.
  • Application History will record any jobs applied for through Universal Jobmatch, i.e. when you click Apply and send CV and cover letter through this website. The Activity History box needs to be used for all other jobs and to record other job search activities, e.g. attending Work Clubs etc.
  • Recommended Jobs on Home Page will search for the job titles listed in your profile – click View All then use the Refine Results box to reduce the mileage and the date posted.