Cash Wise

Cash Wise is a free financial support service available for any Wakefield resident. Cash Wise can help you to apply for benefits or resolve any ongoing benefit issues, better understand your household bills and set up priority payments, create a manageable household budget, tackle your debts or arrears and reduce your utility costs. The team will also refer you to any other service that meets your support needs. Cash Wise provides customer home visits alongside assistance over the phone and digitally to help you to take control of your money problems or financial worries.

Healthier Wealthier Wakefield Families:

From February 2020, Cash Wise began an exciting partnership with Public Health to deliver targeted support for any individuals or families with young children who are struggling to manage their money. This support is available for anyone from a private sector renter to social housing tenant or a home owner.

If you are struggling with your money don’t let things get on top of you. Contact a member of the team who will be happy to help you.

Other news

– Universal Credit replaced six of the main working age benefits. If you need any help with your Universal Credit Click here to find out more.

– Check out our five Cash Wise animations. These were developed with tenants and cover some of the main issues faced by many people living within the Wakefield district. Our Cash Wise Champions helped with the voice over work for the animations:

Payday loans

Juggling Your Bills

Healthy Eating


Benefit Cuts